James & Runyan

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Quality Begins with Sincerity

ATTN: We ARE taking new clients, but you will not be able to book online until after a quick chat!

Best way to begin: Shoot us a text for the service you're requesting: 801 857 4637

We are no longer taking new men's haircuts. We are so sorry. Happy to suggest a referral!

We generally book out 2-3 weeks in advance; we do NOT do color corrections.

Thank you so very much for considering us.

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Experience Expertise.

We don't claim to be the best... We just like to show it. 

We’re not here to boast and say, “Oh, we’re The Best Salon in Salt Lake City.” In fact, our focus is different: Instead of talking about how amazing we are, we just like to show it.

We may have all the right education and experience, but our commitment to INTEGRITY supersedes any pretense. Meaning, both the quality of our skills, as well as our commitment to building strong relationships is the whole point.

Professional Relationships.

Similar to finding the perfect partner, we understand that finding the right hair stylist takes effort. We also understand we may not be a match for everyone.

Our sincere hope is that through the services we provide and the skill-set we offer, we can help our clients experience both confidence and comfort as they enjoy their time with us.



Classic Haircutting

From British Precision to Italian Chic.


Certified Haircolorists

American Board Certified Haircolorists.


World Class Styling

Learn the Tips and Tools for Graceful Styling.

Services & Pricing:

Making an appointment is easy. 

We have an online scheduler that shows our entire calendar, days and times we're available and a list of service and prices we offer.

Reach us by Phone:

801 857 4637

The salon is closed Sundays and Mondays.

Due to the nature of our business, we are mostly on a call back basis. This means that it may take up to 72-hours to return your phone call. Please don't be alarmed. You are important to us! We promise we will get back to you, even if it does take a couple of days. 



Combo - Color (Roots/Gray Coverage) & Haircut - $100 - $120

Combo - Highlights & Haircut - $140 - $150

Combo - Ombre/Balayage & Haircut - $150 - $160


Color - Retouch (Roots & Blow Dry) - $50 - $60

Color - Partial/Full Highlights - $90 - $100

Color - Ombre/Balayage - $110 - $120


Haircut - Women's Medium/Long - $50 - $60

Haircut - Women's Short (Ear Length) - $40 - $45


Style - Blow-dry - $25



FAQ FORM (Print & Sign)

Questions about our services? Whether this is your first time with us or fifteenth, please read our FAQ Form to help us support you in finding the perfect salon experience. We request that you bring this signed with you and/or we have copies on hand you can read through and sign at the time of your appointment.

Catch us Downtown.

James & Runyan Hair Salon

250 East Broadway, Suite 280

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111



FREE Parking:

We have FREE parking just south of the building. You can enter the driveway to the lot between the Broadway Plaza (our building) and the Broadway Tower Condominums. We’re located on the 2nd floor across the hall from Salt Lake Power Yoga and besides the staircase the “Orange Door,’ there is an elevator in the lobby of the building.

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